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Project Financing

Construction & Development

Property / Business Acquisition 

Up to 100% Project Financing

  • Loan Amount:    $10,000,000 to $100,000,000
  • Loan Type(s):     Acquisition / Refinance / Construction – Development
  • Maximum Loan to Cost:   Up to 100%
  • Loan Term:     From 12 to 60 months (TBD)
  • Draw Period:  From 12 to 60 months (TBD)
  • Draw Period Interest Rate:  6.0% to 7.5% fixed rate
  • Loan Purpose(s):  Qualified income producing projects and other acceptable business purposes, including international construction / development on a case-by-case basis

For more information or to discuss your project’s qualification contact us today!


ICON Commercial Lending funds loans as a Private Direct Lender offering international & domestic purchase & refinance financing facilities.

Loan Purpose(s)

  • Development / Construction
  • Construction Completion / Takeout
  • PURCHASE Property or Business
  • Business Acquisition and/or Development

Project Type(s)

  • Purchase & Refinance
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial / Warehouse
  • Retail – Shopping Centers
  • Flag & Boutique Hotels
  • Resorts & Spas
  • Senior Assisted Living Facilities
  • Hospital – Medical / Dr’s Clinics
  • 25+ Unit Multifamily Apartments
  • Student Housing
  • Golf Course Communities
  • Convention Centers
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Mixed Use Developments

of Financial Instruments

Bank Guarantees (BG) & Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)
  • BGs / SBLCs accepted for non-recourse cash monetization from $10M to $5B
  • Owned Instruments issued from a “Top 25 World Bank” at around 70% to 80% LTV
  • Leased Instruments issued from a “Top 25 World Bank” at around 50% to 60% LTV
  • Other “Lower Rated BGs” determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Payments are completed within 72 hours of receiving client’s BG
  • 100% Guaranteed Non-Recourse Monetization, Funding or Discounting

ALL FUNDS ARE FULLY PROTECTED. Clients funds are wired from a Paymaster Attorney protecting the privacy of each client’s receiving bank account

Receive Comprehensive Funding Agreement with:

  • Full bank account delivery coordinates for client’s Bank (BG Issuer) to send the BG directly to
  • Complete details of the Funder’s Bank Officers
  • Entire Company and Passport details of the BG Funder and/or Monetizer
  • Funder provides several “Performance Guarantees” to safeguard transaction
  • HUGE “Funder Penalty Clause” fully Protects Client from Financial Loss

Follow these 3 steps to receive a BG Funding or Monetization Agreement.

Step 1:  Ask for and complete the following documents:

  • ICON’s BG Project Submission Worksheet
  • CIS – Client Information Sheet  (Must be Notarized)
  • NCND – Non Compete Agreement
  • Full copy of the BG or Full Copy of the Contract to Purchase the BG
  • Corporate Directors Resolution Approving the BG Monetization
  • Proof of Instrument/Asset – Provide a full copy of the BG (if the BG is not issued, provide a copy of the BG purchase application)

Step 2:   Within 48 to 72 hours of receipt of the above items, you will receive by email a JV Agreement. This JV Agreement is then signed by Client and returned to ICON for processing.

Step 3:   Within 48 to 72 hours of receipt of the signed JV Agreement, Client will receive a Comprehensive BG Funding and Monetization Agreement outlining all of the terms and conditions for the monetization of customer’s BG.

Contact Brent Watson (ICON’s President) today to receive ICON’s BG Project Submission Worksheet or assistance with any new monetization transaction.