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About ICON Commerical Lending

About ICON

office-buildingICON Commercial Lending, Inc. (ICON) is a Full Service Private Direct Commercial Lender located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.  ICON may also utilize one or more of it’s international capital partners to provide project funding.

ICON has solid teams of loan professionals and other financial, legal, accounting and research support people who work diligently to get your project’s funding finalized.

ICON is a seasoned industry leader with a solid reputation as a company you can count on for honest answers & quick results. Our experienced financial experts work hard to provide our clients customized financial solutions; more than meeting their unique cash flow needs.

ICON utilizes proprietary research & analytic systems with a multitude of financial metrics and hedging strategies to maximize and support their combination debt/equity lending process. ICON is committed to provide the construction/development industry’s most straight-forward, personal, and customized solutions to investors in need of prompt funding. ICON provides quick response in today’s demanding marketplace

ICON’S Approach To Business

ICON promises to provide you a proven and straightforward process built around your needs. What you want is what you get!

ICON offers you an experience that is truly unique in today’s volatile capital markets with a wide range of lending terms & options for the acquisition or refinancing of all types of commercial & residential real estate, as well as any other general business or personal use.

Every step in our process is clearly spelled out, giving you complete control. Our proven and efficient process streamlines loan paperwork, as well as asset & fund transfers, for a rapid and trouble-free experience.

ICON’S Commitment To You

ICON is committed to provide you the professional services you need to quickly achieve your financing needs. To that end, ICON promises to manage your business affairs in the fashion you expect.

ICON provide you with:

1. Honesty & Personal Attention – ICON is committed to carrying out each step of the funding using a straightforward process.  There will be NO Surprises, NO Delays and NO Last Minute Changes.

2. Giving you ALL the facts up front, working with you one-on-one, having the flexibility to meet your needs, and providing clear and constant communication are fundamental to ICON’s lending process.